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Meet the Peas!

Starleisha Gingrich


Starleisha is the resident history nerd on The Peas and the Podcast. Never one to back down from asking too many questions, she has used that persistence to learn more about black culture as a black woman who was raised by a white family.

She has used her life experiences to navigate white spaces and is learning how to have difficult topics around race. Anything you see written by her that starts with “Dear White People…” is something it has taken her years to say, so you better listen up!

In her spare time, Starleisha teaches acting and is pursuing a career in community-based storytelling and theatre which uses creative tools to learn about life experiences from under-served communities, and then turn them into live theatre pieces.
Follow on Twitter: @StarleishaG

Jamir Connelly


Jamir is just that cool, yet somehow very nerdy, “music head”. His interests lie in politics, social justice and all that other sh*t the cool kids are into. Jamir is The Peas and the Podcast go-to for where to get the best hookups on black owned businesses that are worth your while!

Jamir enjoys learning about new cultures and new words. He is always up to date on what’s happening in pop culture and loves the daily drama that unfolds. On an average day you can find him writing poetry or negotiating with himself how to get out of doing laundry.

Jamir is a senior at Lehigh University and ready to embrace the world with his talents, poetry, and best foot forward.

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Daphnee McMaster


Daphnee is the Chatty Kathy of the trio of Peas. She seemly knows a little bit of something about everything while, as she says, “knowing nothing at all.” Daphnee contributes her talents in talking, reading, research, and mess to The Peas and the Podcast. As well as some editing chops.

If you ever need to find Daphnee, you can probably catch her at home reading a book from the corners of the Earth to the New York Public Library. Daphnee loves to write, design, and bake. And as the jack of all trades, she can always be trusted to GET. IT. (whatever it is) Done.

Daphnee works in New York City, where dreams are made! She tirelessly works to produce great content for others who love to read, write, and podcast.

Follow on Twitter: @daph_infection

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