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I don’t always write about the most pressing issues. Sometimes I just have to write. Read my articles and blog posts if you’re looking for a few thoughts and perspectives that may or may not be relevant to you.

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I Wonder If Da Vinci Would Say Things Are Moving Too Fast

I recently started to ponder about creative content in 2021. Going further, I thought about my own creative process. And a question that continued to circulate in my head has been, “How did I ever get anything done in school?” Knee-jerk reaction? Deadlines. Grading systems. Fear of failure. But against all that was something a bit more subtle in my creative process. My ability to start and finish something came with time and focus.

Black People Are Always the Last to Receive but the First to Test

In recent news, the Covid-19 vaccine by Pfizer has rolled out to the United States and “high-risk” healthcare workers are the first to be injected with the novel vaccine. In most cases, this achievement has been met…

Black is not a Bad Word

I’ve recognized a common occurrence on threads and posts about racial inequality lately. I figured I’d share it here. Did you know that by calling someone the color of their skin you are perpetuating racism? Yes…

Why I Want to be an Art Director

From a young age, I have always been inquisitive, artistic, and well, loud. I spent my free time drawing and performing, always trying to develop a better way to interact with the world around me. I loved classical…

An Emoji Tale

There once was a 👧🏾. She enjoyed 👩🏾‍🏫 very much. One day, she 👩🏾‍🎓 and her family was so proud. She had plans of 📝 her first 📕 of 📚. However, she knew she would be low on 💵 until this happened. But she didn’t…

Artist Write Up and Biographies

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