Where to Find Me

The BK Reader

During my early years of the New York City grind I worked for the hyperlocal news outlet, The BK Reader. My articles centered on social justice and entertainment in the East New York and Brownsville areas.

Hippocampus Magazine

I currently write for the Non-Fiction digital magazine Hippocampus Magazine. Check out my book reviews and pass along some great reads I should review next!

Flash Fiction Magazine

My portfolio just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t try my hand at getting my short stories and flash fiction considered for publication. “Piecemeal” is a flash fiction piece I wrote.

MOST RECENT: I wrote a film review for The Spool about Spike Lee’s 1988 classic, School Daze. Read here.

About Me

I’ve come to learn that everything you want to accomplish comes down to having time and the opportunity to achieve.

I am a writer, singer, organizer and a slew of other things creative. I developed this page to share my harebrained schemes with the world.

Check out my page and let me know the next time you need a karaoke partner!




Looking to go abroad? Want to learn a new language? Travel is essential for the inquiring mind. People are more connected than ever and waiting for a new adventure! Search the travel page for blog posts, money saving tips, and the best part about getting out of your own backyard.


As Nicki Minaj once said “If Nicki spit it, Nicki wrote it.” Same holds true here folks. Dig around some of my articles, blog posts, short stories, etc. I love writing to express myself and create news perspectives.

You can also find my podcast here.


Looking for an interesting read? Want to hear more about some of my favorite authors? Look around the bookshelf for some of my reviews and new short stories.