About Daphnee

Anything is possible when there is time and opportunity.

Daphnee McMaster is a graduate of Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies and English and a minor in Creative Writing. She excels in her attention to detail, written and oral communication skills, and her confidence in public relations.img_5883

Daphnee has worked as a marketing and advertising intern in Milan, Italy, a video editor and videographer at Lehigh University, and a Sales Assistant for Katz Media Group.

Daphnee is a problem-solver with a keen eye for design. In the Spring of 2015, Daphnee studied abroad in Galway, Ireland and has since maintained her deep appreciation for international travel. When Daphnee is not working on projects in marketing or film, she enjoys writing, film making, and playing rugby. In the future, Daphnee hopes to obtain a MFA degree to further her knowledge of film and globalization. While she works on her portfolio for her application, Daphnee hosts a podcast dealing with hot topic issues in the media regarding art, literature, and social justice. Daphnee’s love of travel, people, and understanding the globalized world has led her to great opportunities and she hopes it will lead her to more.