People can have their perks too.

1. You are Accountable: Traveling in a group can only work when everyone takes accountability. This means we all have to agree to eat somewhere, where to buy tickets, and what time we are going home, Claire! It is honestly the most important and best part of group travel. Just remember, if commitments aren’t upheld you will never hear the end of it.

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2. More People Means More Ideas for Activities: Friends come in a plethora of shades. For instance, there will be that friend constantly looking for the best clubs to rump shake. Another friend will find where everyone will eat after a night of overdrinking. And then someone else is bound to be the friend that tells everyone they are hot messes. You want a good time? Find different personalities ready to try anything and you’ve mastered group travel.

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3. “Hey can you take my photo”: Yes! Finally a full body photo. Also, you know no-one will run off with your camera. Now there are pros and cons to photographic endeavors in groups. You can have a memory saved for all to see, but someone is going to complain about a hair out of place. *HARDEST EYEROLL EVER*

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4. Bad Jokes and Sarcasm is Not Wasted: So, this is definitely one reason I love traveling with friends and not just a general group of folks. I will speak my mind, say something suggestive, and/or punny. That will then garner a laugh or a remark of equal value, which is appreciated. C’mon, nothing is worse than being punny and having no-one to share it with.

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5. Drinking Buddies and Singers: This is simple. Drink. Sing. Be merry. Someone in the group will expose you on Snapchat, but at least you’re all making a fool of yourselves together. Bonding.

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6. Having Someone to Make Sure the Bus Doesn’t Leave You: No more fear of that souvenir line being too long for you to get a gift before the bus drives off. One person waits in line and the other makes sure the bus doesn’t leave. And somebody else informs you that holding up the bus is rude. Remember that accountability thing I was talking about?

7. Dress to the Occasion: I swear everyone goes through this issue on a daily basis when going out with friends. “How are we dressing for this thing?” For the most part you packed what you packed but sometimes the clothes swap is a necessary evil. My biggest fear is that one day the Legally Blonde “Playboy Bunny Suit” scene will be my real life.

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8. Split Fees: Okay, I know what I said last time. But sometimes you really don’t have cash on you, or you don’t want to eat the entire meal alone. Either way, money always comes back. Also, group discounts.

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9. Protection: There is strength in numbers. Less harassment at clubs and events. Support your friends and never let them leave alone!


10. Memories to Discuss Later: This can go one of two ways, but it’s still for the best. It’s great to look back on the adventures you had with others and build a story. Most stories are told from a good humored place. But every so often stories can’t be shared with everyone, but the group knows exactly what you’re talking about and is laughing their butts off. And that’s what matters most.


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