Why I want to be an Art Director

From a young age, I have always been inquisitive, artistic, and well, loud. I spent my free time drawing and performing, always trying to develop a better way to interact with the world around me. I loved classical music for the sound and lyrical poetry it produced through no words at all. I’d tirelessly watch black and white films on TCM to search out any flaws in otherwise flawless work. I read books during school and the summer months pondering how I could write them better while wanting to not change a thing. I would tell my family about the magic of art and the skill of dedication it takes.

I’m now older and still probably much too wide eyed. To me, art is subjective. As I began to perform in live theater I realized that my performance could change every night, no matter how flawless my rehearsals were. When I began writing short stories and completed my first novel, I disconnected from the very powerful reasons I picked up the pen. I always question what it is about art that makes you love and hate it at the same time. What is it about art that can make a work look so effortless yet consume your every waking moment to create?

I’ll tell you what it is about art: It is the fact that art is love. Art is human emotion. Flawed and flawless. I never quite pricked my finger on the wheel of careers in business, but rather, in art. I have always wanted to connect to people. It’s why I cheered, it’s why I danced, why I wrote, why I showed up to my friend’s lame concert (😐). I want to share art and experience it with others.

As an art director you are in charge of the light brigade. You step up to the plate and you share. In film, so many pieces of an extraordinary puzzle get put on a chopping block. As an artistic director, being able to consider the pros and cons of each scene is vital. I thrive in that space called make or break. I create when nothing is available. I engage because I see a need. I live for artistry in the narratives of people, and especially people of color. I crave the feeling of honest direction that visually showcases the emotions of people.

Art directors can sometimes get over looked as they wander through the wizarding world casting spells of magic. And this black girl is ready to sprinkle her fairy dust, mix her black excellence, and open her third eye to the endless possibilities of what she can create with a powerful team of innovators.

So in summary, why do I want to be an art director? I want to be an art director because I’m a creative visionary hellbent on showcasing powerful stories.

Now, who is looking for a 24 year old aspiring art director?

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