Italy Day 1

The time has come. After applications, shopping for clothes, and mentally preparing for my first trip overseas, I have arrived at my destination. Italy! My university created a program that allows students to experience internships while abroad. On my way to submit my application I was informed that the internship to Milan was extremely competitive and not to get my hopes up. Well, here I am! Six months ago, I found out I was one of the five students selected to participate in the Iacocca Internship Program at Lehigh. Three months ago, I found out I’d work with an Italian food start-up called Ufuud. And after my 7 and a half hour with no stops plane ride I am in the beautiful country of Italy. Jet lag and tiredness are currently the main attractions of my experience, but with the meetings and tours planned for us, they will have to be put on the back burner. Today is June 1st (2014) and tomorrow is Italy’s Republic Day (American Version: 4th of July). It is the celebration of Italy’s turn into a republic. When better to arrive in a country than before a national holiday, right?

The first thing I noticed about Milan was the wonderful scenery embellished in graffiti. Yes, in Milan, graffiti is everywhere. The second thing to catch my eye was certainly the people. If Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar ever needed a personified location, Milan would be it. Check out my day below!

My Day:

  • A man snuck onto the metro by waiting for me to swipe my card as he walked behind me to cross the bars without paying. I actually laughed.
  • Almost got hit by a car twice because in Italy stop signs apparently don’t exist and the pedestrian does not have the right of way.
  • Ordered food at a restaurant and the waiter laughed at my terrible version of what I believed I was reading from the menu as Italian.
  • Walked through crowded streets  by the Duomo for a concert I didn’t get to see.

What I Learned Today:

  • Don’t be flashy

  • Don’t sit on the floor, or else people will believe you are a beggar.

  • You don’t have to tip. Who knew the waiters wouldn’t look at you as though they were going to slit your throat because you didn’t tip? Cause I know for sure that if I didn’t tip in the US, the sentiments would only be this…

  • Milan has a large amount of older people.

  • Everyone basically has the same hair cut.

I’m having a grand old time so far. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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