Italy Day 2

The birds here begin to chirp at 4 am. My night of sleep did not work out as planned but the warm sun got me up and ready to leave the apartment by 7:45am to head to Lago Maggiore!

But first, I certainly had to grab something to eat. I left the apartment in search of breakfast. In America you can find people cluttering the streets, cheering, and celebrating their Independence day. But Italians for some reason disappear into their homes and spend quiet evenings with friends and family on Republic Day. Needless to say, I left the apartment to enter a ghost town. Walking a few blocks helped me find a very small shop that had just pulled fresh croissants from the oven. (I promise if I head back to that place I will provide the name).

After getting the most amazing chocolate croissant of my life, I caught the train to head to Lago Maggiore. Of course, not without my sinuses flaring and the medication making me dizzy. I am in Italy and I’m not going to let anything ruin this experience. We arrived at the island of Stressa and all I could do was gaze upon the mountainous and green land that housed beautiful structures. The scenery was to die for but jet lag and allergies decided to dampen the mood. Sigh, not even the beauty of Italy could ward off jet lag. After some time spent taking photographs and walking, I needed to eat. I combated my sleep craving by ordering a delicious vegetarian lasagne. After the meal, I headed to another island on the lake. Once the trip was complete, I got home and went to search my neighborhood for food places that were open for the holiday.

My Day:

  • Tried to order croissant but the waiter spoke little to no English. So I had to gesture to him and point at what I wanted, much to his dismay.
  • Took copious amounts of photos with the other interns and had a blast! (Check them out in The Scrapbook)
  • For some reason we had to pay as a group at the restaurant we had dinner.
  • Tried to order food but the waitress also didn’t know english. She called a translator. Literally. She picked up her cellphone and called a friend to translate. She was a gem.
  • Fell asleep on the train ride home from Lago Maggiore. Great decision.
  • Ate gelato for the third time. I’m beginning to think pasta, bread, and gelato are staple foods here.

What I Learned Today:

  • When you go to a restaurant the waiter/waitress doesn’t speak a lick of your language, be patient and help by gesturing what it is you want. They aren’t stupid, just not accustomed to your foreign ass. They will most likely give you this exact expression if you assume they just know what you need or want

  • Trips are super fun, but not when they include continuous walking for several hours.

  • Take TONS of photos. You can even do this in your own neighborhood. And grab random people to take photos with you. #PeacockSelfie

  • Be mindful of your things. Pick-pocketing is very much a real thing. Keep all your belongings in secure places and watch the strangers you hug (even little kids are thieves)

  • Treat people with respect and be mindful that you are the foreigner. Don’t be so willing to give up on them.

It’s been a long day.

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