Italy Day 6

Friday is a wonderful day to be in Italy. In all honesty, any day is a great day to be in Italia. So, I got up for work today and walked to the train station. As I walked by young guys, old guys, tall guys, short guys, fat guys, and skinny guys they all kept staring at me and basically trying to sweet talk me in Italian. Catcalling is never a good way to approach someone. Especially a lady with such regal status as yours truly. My mother told me I’m a princess and no one is taking that from me! Needless to say, I never made eye contact. When I got to work, it was a very slow day. I presented my Powerpoint, and that went really well. Then I tried to find more blogs with a particular audience in mind, and let’s just say, that didn’t work out too hot at all. Sigh.

After work, the initial plan was to head to the bar with my coworkers and hang out, but I instead had an Italian lesson class. My teacher is AMAZING. She is basically our Italian mother and when men start cat-calling she takes none of their crap. After her lesson she took us to the youthful and vibrant areas of Milan (finally seeing young faces) and then we headed home.

FINALLY we made it to the square (The Columns), where there are massive amounts of young people smoking, drinking, dancing, and just living life outside of an old and what looks to be bombed out church. As soon as we arrived , the men began the sweet talking, staring, and catcalling. Ladies, if you come to Italy be prepared for men to be very confident in themselves. They will approach you and be persistent. Just a bit too much testosterone for one day in my honest opinion.

My Day:

  • Searched for more blogs. I really am starting to hate blogs.
  • Ate in a delicious Italian restaurant and then couldn’t finish the first course. (I’m a lightweight Italian eater)
  • Went home to go change and go out. I went to the square (The Columns) and met tons of people and learned how the Italians have fun.
  • I finally got a sweater and a scarf. For how much you say? 30 EUROS. Which means: hella expensive in USD.
  • One of the girls on this trip with me pointed to a dog, but an Italian man thought she pointed at him. Then he ever so “kindly” snuck up on her and tried to sweet talk her. When she jumped up because he scared her, he laughed and said “Americana”. Then continued to try to scare her again. SMH, dude, get lost.
  • The train we took to the square stopped running so we had to call a cab. Meanwhile when we got on the train, the conductor never told us he’d only make 2 stops and then he was done. Had to call that cab. Prays for my pockets.

What I Learned Today:

  • Italian men do not give a damn how uncomfortable they make you. They will approach you if they want to talk to you. They always stare and we are just like…


  • When the train decides to stop running, it will stop running. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of a crowded street or back alley. When it is done, it is done.


  • You can’t hail taxis, you have to call for one and wait for your specific cab number to arrive. (Also: the starting cab fee is 9 euros)


  • If you want something, you just stare. But really, try it. Everything is a staring game.


  • Gelato is EVERYWHERE! You can’t walk a block without finding a Gelato Shop. Food. Food. And more Food. Everywhere! So have no worries. If you eat your gelato or pizza too quickly, you can quickly get another around the block.


  • People don’t get drunk to black out. They drink to feel nice and slightly lose inhibitions.


  • Italians love to complain, so when someone asks how your day went, always lie and say it was good, or else they will question why it was otherwise.


  • Some Italians know English, but will use it only when they want to…they will yap on in Italian when they say something they want hidden from you. #TheShade


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