Italy Day 5

Late! Late! Late! I was late EVERYWHERE I went today. Even when I left early, I arrived late. Today was what I like to call “a struggle day”. However, in Italy, being late is not really considered rude or unacceptable. I do appreciate that the people here are more worried if you are in good health if you’re not on time, though. Maybe they just assume Americans are always on time otherwise?

Today I went to work and found a ton of food blogs. I have been looking at blogs for so long I feel as though I shouldn’t be writing this one just to spare the world. (But that won’t happen. I like having you hear me rant about my day). Also, I am slowly becoming Italian. Minus the knowing the language, understanding people will flat out cut you in line and not care, and that a lot of people are very bold. Most of this I learned while on a walking tour near the Duomo and at work. Tomorrow I’m going out with my coworkers and it shall be an adventure.

My Day:

  • Was late to work, but no-one really cared because I’m only an intern. They thought I got lost on the train again.
  • I found nearly 20 blogs about Italian food for work and I now hate blogs.
  • Had my card work and then right after get declined. #StruggleSeason
  • Had a walking tour of the Duomo and discovered where the fashionable, wealthy, and young people are.
  • Went to try to get the credit card to work again. I’m 100% certain the Gelato man hates me. I’m going to get him an “I’m sorry I’m American” gift. Hopefully he doesn’t run once I enter the shop. (For full details on this story coming soon…)

What I Learned Today:

  • My co-worker’s family owns Vancherri coffee company but he chose the marketing for Ufuud life. My reaction…


He said he wanted to make his own path.  I can dig it.

  • The trains do take a lot of time. Don’t expect anything to be less than 10 minutes.


  • So do you remember that staring thing I was talking about, well I found out what it means. If people stare at you, it’s because they find you attractive or welcoming. If they stare at you intensely for a long time, they are hoping to catch your gaze. And if you return said gaze it means they are able to go on a date with you, talk to you, or hook up with you. Everything is very forward here.


  • You have to learn not to give a sh*t.


  • Italians hate when people use credit cards. Especially when English speakers use credit cards.


  • People won’t even look at you while they pick pocket you. Unless they must, because then they will look at you and still rob you.


Going to the bar with the coworkers tomorrow.

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