Italy Day 8

Alright, so today is Sunday. What does that mean? Oh yeah, that means absolutely everything is closed if the owners are Italian so there is nothing you can do other than stay indoors. And that’s exactly what I’ve done all day, minus a tidbit of grocery shopping.

Today, I decided since my life will consistently be uneventful on Sundays, that I would blog about random things I discovered or found out about Italians and such. I’m also going to go into detail a bit more about the things I learned. I advise that if you want to know about something in Italian culture you should ask before my Sunday post.

Moving on, it was hot today. I know what you’re thinking (but Daphnee, you’re in Italy it’s always hot haha) NO! The weather is fairly similar to the US Mid East Coast type of weather. Today it was hot, and yes Italians complained about the heat.

My Day:

  • After a really long day in Bologna, I decided to sleep in on Sunday. Apparently the other girls decided to as well. No one was up before 12pm.
  • I went grocery shopping. I bought way more food than I can eat, or have time to cook, but it WILL be gone before I leave this place.
  • I sat on our balcony with the other girls and baked in the Italian sun. Meanwhile, they also showed me what Tinder is. How else are you supposed to bide your time in a foreign country? LOL
  • Went to bed by 9pm. I’m slowly becoming an uneventful youth.

What I Learned:

  • The Italian girl who is hosting us brought her family to visit. Upon her mother’s discovery of my name, the truth was revealed that my host’s mother wanted to originally name her Daphne. However, her father did not approve. I immediately did this before I heard her father’s opinion…


  • Tinder only has supermodels on it… haha, take that as you wish. (If you still haven’t caught on…people lie and only put their best photos on, sometimes the photos aren’t even them.)


  • Couples here are very… passionate. No matter where you go, if you see a young couple they are making out, holding hands, doing ungodly things in your presence and just all around not giving a care in the world.


  • My name has two pronunciations here. I still haven’t decided which one I like more. The first one sounds like Dauph-ney. The second one is my actual pronunciation, Daf-Knee.


  • Italians pick on people for their accents, but this is only for other Italians. When English speakers have an accent in their Italian, they don’t really seem to care.


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