Italy Day 9

Get excited! I finally found the youth of Milan! (Does Maria twirl one more time). For this post, I shall start with the mundane and trickle into the awesome.

I went to work today and started a new project. Find the competitors. My coworkers are extremely awesome, and all look extremely young. (It’s something in the Italian water I swear.) Now, I don’t usually talk about the weather, but I thought today was one of the finer days. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold. But Italians I met today said the same thing, “It’s too hot.” I was completely surprised by this statement, but to each his own.

After work I had my Italian lesson and learned you can take your coffee with alcohol. However, Italians will judge you. (Un caffe correto= coffee correct) Directly after my lesson I went to eat dinner at this wonderful Italian restaurant.

The waiter told us that his previous American customers said its customary to have candy after dinner. So, he went and bought large glass jars and filled them with gummy candies and marshmallows and such. When we arrived we laughed and slowly interpreted what the previous customers must have meant. We think they were trying to tell him about peppermints or mint candies after dinner, not sugary goodness. If you’re Italian and reading this, Americans do not usually eat sugar candies after dinner. However, I decided to order my first Margherita pizza at this restaurant. And then I asked for a bowl of sliced pineapples and the rest is Italian history.

Concluded the night with some Italian friends and had to walk around the world.

My Day:

  • Went to work and got a new project… that I’m deathly afraid of doing.
  • Went to my Italian lesson and learned how to order beverages of all sorts.
  • Ordered a, as we would call it in America, plain pizza. Had the waiter bring me a saucer of cut pineapples, which made him stare at me bizarrely. Then I proceed to place the pineapples on my pizza, which made the entire staff give me weird stares then a loud roar of laughter. Now I never put gifs in the My Day section but this is the only way I can explain how the chef looked at me. When I turned around, this was his EXACT facial expression…


  • Went to meet an Italian friend and his friends with one of my housemates. I finally found where the young people hang out. Yes, people actually go out on a Monday night. (Can’t stop, Won’t stop)
  • Got off at the correct stop, but couldn’t find the exit. Robocop (some police officer here) was a total creeper and sent us out the opposite direction of our home. A 3 minute walk turned into a 35 minute scavenger hunt. But… WE MADE IT!

What I Learned Today:

  • You can’t put anything but light meats on your pizza in Italy. The Italian food gods have spoken and their word is law.


  • In Italy, university students go to school all year round and only take off for holidays. Yeah, no summer vacation. After I told the university students here that we get four months off, off for vacations, and spring and fall break for a week, their immediate response to their school life was sorta like this…


  • Binge drinking is not a real thing in Italy. And most young Italians want to know, are American college parties really like the American Pie movie? Yes, my Italian readers, they are. And so much more. But this all depends on your university in the States.


  • Americans are the weird people of the world who don’t give two craps about the World Cup. (Btw, we play Italy on the 16th, I’m predicting that the USA is about to get that werk!)


  • We really didn’t know how to say Italian swear words. But we learned…also the Italian form of “She wants the D” is a lot more…how do I put this gently…colorful.


  • Some police aren’t helpful… not saying much, but they aren’t. The officer we asked to help us sent us in the opposite direction of our house. Mostly because he wanted to flex his muscles. We walked out of the stations and immediately our reaction was


  • Nutella comes in glass jars in Italy.

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