Italy Day 10

It’s merely Tuesday, but today started with a bit of a struggle. My feet were so done with me when I woke up this morning. It was the ultimate struggle. At work, I am still trying to find Ufuud competitors. Everyday so far my brain keeps telling me to champ my assignments, but my eyelids keep telling me no. I spend more time making charts about how I’m going to map out getting my work done rather than actually doing it.

During my lunch break I met more of my coworkers and discovered the true power of Italian heat. We are still under renovation so the kitchen is not yet complete (AKA, sans Microwave.) This led to me stepping outside to head to the grocery store, which led me to find a coworker baking her tortillas in the sun on a motorbike. I told you it was struggle season.

I also discovered a lot about Italian opinion of Americans. My coworkers proceeded to tell me how American Italian food is quite different from real Italian food. Also, how American Italians are quite different from “real” Italians (They’re looking at you, Jersey Shore).

Nothing eventful happened today. I got back in the apartment after lesson and feel asleep from 9pm-4am. Welcome to my busy life.

My Day:

  • Went to work. Nothing spectacular.
  • Went to Italian lesson and learned how to shop in a grocery store.
  • Went to a grocery store and bought a small cactus for our Italian host. Named the cactus Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Came home and slept for a long time. Hence why my day was so uneventful.

What I Learned Today:

  • When you go into the grocery store and see two really attractive Italian men shopping together and paying you absolutely no mind no matter how hard you keep trying to catch their eye. You have to realize, they’re together and do not care about you. And then I’m left like

  • Italian women don’t really wear head wraps. When they saw mine, they immediately wanted to do their hair that way. I’m going to be teaching my Italian teacher how to do it next. But in the mean time, I just pretend I’m the next Naomi Campbell cause I’m doing something different and killin’ the head scarf game. #HitsBeyonceWalk

  • All the natural black girl here have full fro and amazing hair. I mean, hair is on and poppington! I need to find their products!

  • The cooking olive oil that I use on my bread and for my face smells like it’s fresh off the vine or something. It has my food tasting right and my face smooth and moisturized. (This is the part you look at me bizarrely, and I give you the I still don’t care expression) Be skeptical my friends, be skeptical.

  • The metro has 4 colors total. I believe. But every exit is next to each other and leads into the Wonderful World of Oz. We never know which exit to use.

  • Italians can eat, but they eat slowly to enjoy their food. As I was covering my strawberries in Nutella, my coworkers informed me that that was highly unhealthy. Italians are concerned with their image. But I’m not…

  • If you smile back when someone stares at you, it means you plan to have a conversation with them.

Sorry I didn’t learn much today other than how to sleep. Tiredness is real and alive.

Sto abbastanza bene (what I remember from class).

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