Italy Day 12

It’s Thirsty Thursday! But not in Italy…Today I woke up to the thunderous banging of the construction workers remodeling the balcony at 7:30am. But today was still such a wonderful day. My outfit was lookin’ riiiiiight (for once). I got to work on time. I didn’t almost fall asleep at my desk from staring at a screen too long. And, I had a great day out with my housemates.

I went to work today and of course didn’t have time to pack lunch. So I needed to hit the grocery store for lunch yet again. I MUST stop spending my money. When I get into the store, all they have is pesto. Now, I’m no Italian connoisseur of pesto, but I know for sure, that store bought brand wasn’t tasting right at all. Then when I tried to buy yet another item of fruit, this time it came in a bag with a bar code, I got stopped again and told to go weigh it.

I finally got home in enough time to freshen up from this Italian sun that never ends, then headed off to my Italian class. When I arrived, our instructor informed us that we would be going out and talking to Cattolica students in Italian. Our immediate reactions to this were, “No!” However, we did say no the last time she asked us to go meet people, so we couldn’t let her down. We decided to go out and talk to Cattolica students and ended up making friends in the process.

My Day:

  • I finally made it to work on time. Bless the Lord. However, I still didn’t pack a lunch so I had to go buy some nasty and bootybuttcheeks pesto pasta from the grocery.
  • Got the head wrap game on lock and got a compliment.
  • Tried to buy fruit, but the Italians are extra sketch about their fruits.
  • My coworkers got me to eat seasoned and aged raw ham. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was good, but the FDA does not approve! I later found out this is called “prosciutto”.
  • I had purchased new sandals in Bologna for 20 Euros, but these Milano cobblestone streets tore them suckas up! 30 dollar shoes now look like garbage. Or garbago as the Italians wouldn’t say.
  • I was walking home and a man inquired if me and a housemate of mine were Cuban because he went to Cuba, loved the women, and he saw how we walked and figured we were Cuban. I personally just think my headscarf game was too vicious.

What I Learned Today:

  • Italians do not allow you to touch exposed fruits or vegetables without gloves. Also, weigh every fruit and vegetable you pick up because the cashiers will look at you like you’re dumb and tell you to go back and weigh it if you intend to buy. Even when the darn thing is in a bag with a bar code. After what happened to me yesterday, and the fact that I made the same mistake I honestly just felt like saying


  • Cashiers sit at the grocery store. In normal sized seats. Not those uncomfortable bar stool things. Meanwhile in America we stand all day until…


  • Italians love HEALTHY food. They will make sure they tell you about all the unhealthy aspects of your food before, during, and after your meal. Even when you don’t ask…


  • When Italians don’t speak English very well, they become self conscious. Although most of them speak English 10x better than we Americans speak any foreign language we learned in school. We often do this to express ourselves.


  • My phone is so old it texts in T9. This is the price I pay for being cheap. What I’ve learned is… keep an unlocked smartphone when abroad!


  • You just have to be bold to get the things you want.


  • Italians have great memories. I went to the Gelato place where the guy hates me for giving him credit card grief. I gave him a chocolate bar that said I was sorry. He laughed and thanked me. But when I walked through that door the look of fear and terror were very real.


  • Italians appreciate you trying to speak Italian.


  • Black pasta is made with squid ink. I’m sorry, but I must tell you these things so you know. Also, horse meat is eaten here, but it’s quite expensive.


  • People are very friendly and willing to help. I asked a woman for directions in Italian and she proceeded to tell me where to go in English. I know she was trying to be helpful but my brain kept telling me that this is what she was thinking…


Oggi era molto bene!

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