Italy Day 13

Friday isn’t a working day. I got up this morning ready to start my next project at work and then head out to the bar afterwards. I made it to work ready and motivated, but in true Daphnee form, I again forgot to get lunch. This is becoming a habit. I pressed on and started working on the English translations for the website. If there are any UK readers, do you spell canceled with one or two “L’s”?

I actually had a decent day and it was an even more amazing night. I found out I know how to “champ” it. Whatever that is. Anyway, before the night checked us, we decided to finally go out and find more discotheques and people. That didn’t last too long because the clubs were not, I repeat, NOT like they are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! People only have damn near one drink and don’t dance.

My housemate and I decided to just sit in the square and do absolutely nothing. And somehow, we got lost again. In the same place we got lost before. Sobriety is that white horse that pops up when you know you’re lost. However, it doesn’t help when you’re stubborn and refuse to ask for help.

We caught the bus and it landed us right on home. The only problem was we had no idea how long the bus ran. The metro shuts down at 12:30am. Trolleys close at 2:00am. And buses are somewhere in the 3:00am ballpark. But either way, Milan is great!

My Day:

  • Went to work ready to go into overdrive on my next project, but I merely had to check if the English translations for the site were easy to read.
  • It was FAR too hot for anything. I was sweating just sitting and not moving. C’mon Italy, get your weather in check.
  • The power shutdown in our house, most likely due to the copious amounts of heat. (Oye, que paso? Blackout, Blackout!)
  • I ate some 2 day old pasta again. I swear, cooking in Italy is not a real thing. We have been surviving on pasta.
  • I got dressed to head out and go rumpshaking, but I haven’t really found dancing clubs yet.

What I Learned Today:

  • Italians in Milan are NOT happy about the Expo. So they have been planning to strike and shut down the metro for about a week now. I think this might be delayed because Italians are just too chill to deal with a massive plan like this. #KeepCalmAndEatPasta It’s almost like, “I was going to plan a strike…


  • The public transportation in the city runs on its own schedule and doesn’t care. The signs are not clearly marked unless they are on the metro. But when you get lost, people actually will help you. Grazie mille! Also, the bus is free so we took it 😀


  • Italians really love American music. Turn on the tv, go grocery shopping, walk into any store, and it is all American music. The Italian people who do make music in Italian are really old, or if they are young, they sing in Spanish. One of my coworkers is particularly fond of ABBA. (I keep forgetting they love 80’s music cause they are older than me.)


  • On that age note. Italians don’t age! They could actually be walking around and be 89 looking like they’re just turning 28.


  • There is no such thing as a small beverage here. Every drink you pick up is massive. People walk around with full 1.5 liter bottles. (I used Google and it says that’s the equivalent of 33oz to US citizens) Either way, the beverages are just obnoxiously large.


  • Italians invented “Throwing Shade”. They are shady as hell! But of course they don’t think they are shady, however it’s quite hilarious.


  • I have an alter ego. Her name is Francheska. And she for some unapparent reason speaks a fluent Italian when she is turnt enough. #DrinkAndBeItalian Sometimes I need to ask myself


  • Italians are way too chill to know what Turning Up even means. I expected so much and got so little. But what’s funny is that in the States we get ballsy and drunk confidence. Here, people get timid and shy, but are ballsy and confident when sober. Meanwhile in America, we’re still turning up like…


  • There is no Italian translation of “She wants the D.” Or “Shots have been fired.” Or “Throwing shade.” So keep all your weird American jokes in America (USA) because the Italians think your humor is actually quite bizarre. (You don’t learn sassy english slang in school in Italy.)


  • (This is side information) I’m losing weight and my hair is growing really fast! 3 months natural was marked on June 2nd. (Snaps with a “YAAAASSSS”!)


Lol, I’m over here playing catch up with these posts cause I’m far too tired by the time I get home. But if Italy beats the United Kingdom tomorrow (today) don’t expect to see a Day 14 post.

Sto bene

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