There are certainly perks of being a solo traveler.

1. Freedom to Commit to Your Own Interests: So you don’t want to eat at that one restaurant? Well, you don’t have to eat there. Oh, your friends want to tour 7 different places and you only want to see one. Well, take your butt to that one place. Honestly, no one can stop you or judge you for being the selfish and inconsiderate person you are. And that is an amazing feeling.

Yeah, so?

2. No Group Photos at EVERY Stop: Omg. OMG. OMG! Do we have to take another group photo for your paranoid mom aka your facebook wall to show off how cool you are for traveling? Ughhhhhhh. HAHA, time to be a little narcissist and SELFIE SELFIE SELFIE! (selfie stick not included, but recommended)

3. Eat What You Want, When You Want, How much you want: I hate when I go out to eat in groups and my stomach is telling me to devour and destroy a full bowl of pasta, cheesy bread, and two cans of soda and then the people I’m with take two bites of food and say they are full and ready to go. Whaa???! But…we came so far. This is food time. Why aren’t you eating? Then they say, “Oh, don’t let us rush you. We’ll wait for you. It’s no problem at all.” But inside they’re thinking, She is such a cow, like doesn’t she know I can’t change out of these ugly shoes before the club if we don’t leave now because she wants to chow down like a bear… ugh!

4. Stay inside or GO GO GO!: Want to be a lazy potato and stay indoors? Then do it! Want to run a marathon? Then do it! You only have to worry about yourself and your strength. Your feet hurt from walking and your friends want to see 3 more sites.. ha! What friends?! Take your butt home and nap! Yay!

5. Headphones In, Attention Off: Don’t do this in a major city when you should be alert or at least keep the volume low. But for those long train rides and solo dinners, you can afford to blast your Trindad James or Beyonce album without having someone stop to chat with you every several seconds.

6. Budget Money for Only Yourself: Gone are the days of “Hey I don’t have enough money can you spot me?” As we probably all know by now, that is code for “I don’t want to pay this much for this particular activity so if you pay I’ll pay you back with a dinner that is not the equivalent cost of what I owe you.”

7. Choose to Wait in Line or Choose to Leave: No-more constant whining from friends about how they don’t want to wait in long lines. And no-more of you wanting to jump in the nearest river because you have to wait in line to see the “Stone of Justice” that you don’t care about.

8. Meeting Other Solo Travelers: There is an unwritten rule that being alone means you have to be more aware. So, solo travelers can sometimes show their need to focus. But it’s merely code. That lost and weary look is one you can read well. This look allows you to make friends with someone in your similar situation, rather than trying to befriend a group.

9. Don’t Have to be Drink Monitor: We all have that friend who doesn’t understand limits…or how their lack of understanding limits hinders their friends, who are overly anxious or concerned about their well being, from having a good time. Well, when you’re traveling solo, sorry, you can’t get hammered. Your alcohol intake needs to dramatically decrease, buuuuuut you don’t have to be a babysitter, which is a lot nicer when you’re trying to flirt with that cute guy at the bar after your two shots of rum and your friend isn’t moaning and dying in your arms..or puking on your shoes.

10. Be a Cheap Bastard: Nope, I don’t want no souvenirs. Nope, I don’t want to take a photo from the street vendor. Nope, I don’t want to tour the private part of the museum for a few extra dollars. Nope, I don’t want to go with the 5 star airline and hotel. Be as CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP as you want. Or SPEND like no tomorrow.


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