Italy Day 3

Buonasera beautiful people! Today I began my first day of work. I mentally prepared myself to take the train and land in the center of nowhere. So, I think now is the time to explain where I am  interning at and establish my purpose in Milano a little more. The company
I work for is called Ufuud ( and I will be working on their social media transformation into English speaking countries. Ufuud sells high end foods made from all over Italy that specialize in particular food goods. High end food at the click of your fingertips.

Today I got to work and was a happy American to discover that people wore jeans to work, took however long they needed for lunch, and enjoyed knowing their coworkers. Not all jobs are like this in Italy, but for the most part, working with passion is admired.

I certainly believe today was one of my best days in Milan, except for the fact that my credit card wasn’t activated in the States so it did not work. Broke girl in Italy problems.

My Day:

  • Left the apartment to head for the metro. (With a very handsome guide I might add) One specific train takes you all over the city and they are labeled the Green Line and Yellow Line, etc.
  • I went to work to discover a need for updating Instagram and Pinterest accounts. (Funny, the ONLY two forms of social media I don’t have)
  • Ate at a small restaurant exactly one minute from my job that had great food and very nice people.
  • Heard drilling all day at work because the company is under renovation.

What I Learned Today:

  • Ragu is tomato and meat sauce. The meat is boar. (Yes, Boar.) Now that I know, will I still eat it…


  • The most expensive University in Milan costs $12,000. This made me laugh and cry at the same time.


  • Lunch breaks are as long as need be and coffee breaks are vital.


  • People are very causal and patient.


  • Tobacco smoke is a normal thing, so you just have to deal with it.


  • Also, you CAN tip, and you SHOULD tip if you believed the service to be excellent. It’s not as mandated or expected in America, but it is highly appreciated.


  • Blueberry juice is a real thing…a real delicious thing.


  • People can order things for delivery and pay at their house door. This is often with older people who are afraid to use their credit cards online. Imagine the UPS man taking your money for what he has delivered to you, not the pizza man.


Be kind and stay positive.


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