Italy Day 4

I got lost. So I decided that I would be a good little traveler and catch the metro. The train immediately took off in the wrong direction. I got off, caught the right train, and found my co-workers merely already in belief that I’d get lost. Who knew the Italian metro system would be so confusing. (It’s really not, its absolutely the easiest thing ever, I’m just simple.)

When I got home from work today I  talked to my housemates and went grocery shopping. My credit card still didn’t work so life still is a bummer on the money end but it should all be good tomorrow. I have my Nutella to get me through.

My Day:

  • Got lost on the train.
  • Stuffed my face with teardrop shaped cookies. Which were awesomely DELICIOUS!
  • Figured out how to professionally photo shoot food.
  • Stayed on the phone with Wells Fargo for 30 solid minutes in order to figure out why my credit card doesn’t work.
  • Went grocery shopping for a second time and stuffed my face again.

What I learned today:

  • Italians will be in relationships for a long time before they decide to marry but many people are in relationships. Men are chivalrous, take women on expensive or very nice dates, and women are very much in control.

  • There is no such thing as Wal-Mart here.

  • People will stare at you and won’t care to look away. Their eyes peer into your soul and they will follow you into the depths of the underworld.

  • People are willing to try to understand you even if you don’t speak Italian.

  • You really have to search for dancing clubs that aren’t bars or pubs.

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